When is Jamb 2023 going to commence?

When is jamb 2023 going to commence? That’s the question every university and polytechnic students keep asking, as the case might be, jamb 2023 registration has not commenced.

Jamb registration 2023 has been making many students very inquisitive about registering the examination. The registration proper has not been disclosed by the examination board. So we have to be careful in order not to fall into the hands of scammers who are making adverts that Jamb registration 2023 is on.


As predicted by many educators, they disclosed that 18th February, 2023 may be the actual date for the beginning of the sales of the form.

The forms will officially be sold on their website and payments will be made through Remita and other approved method. The form can also be purchased in authorized registration centres, some retail centre and sites like Paga, Kuda and the rest of them. Banks also make sales of the registration form.



Unlike last year’s Jamb, A new book which was written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli, titled The Life Changer. It has been predicted that it will be used till further notice also unlike other novels like ‘Independence‘, ‘Sweet Sixteen‘, ‘Last Days At Forcados High School’.

Candidates for the examination will be advised to read the novel thoroughly and know the roles of the characters present in the novel because lot of questions will be rolling of out it.

Mostly 15 to 20 questions are always brought out from the novel compulsorily.The novel can be bought from authorized bookstores for those who will like to purchase the book before hand. It can also be bought from some authorized CBT centres.


The price for the registration form is yet to be disclosed but unlike last year, three thousand five hundred naira was the ideal price that candidates for the examination bought their forms.

Additionally, the sum of Five hundred or Seven hundred naira (N500/N700) will have to be paid to the Computer based test (CBT) where your registration will take place for their charges and another five hundred naira for the novel that will be given to you (The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar).

After your registration has been confirmed successful, candidates will have to get a printout and will have to wait for their posting to the CBT centre where the examination has bee scheduled for the candidates.


In 2020, JAMB made it compulsory that candidates must have a National Identification Number (NIN) for the registration process.

Do well to visit any NIMC accredited centres to get your National Identification Number. Candidates must be very careful in handling their bio-data so as not to fall into the hands of wrong unauthorized registration centres so as not to fall a victim of data impersonation.

The candidate must register the examination with his/her WAEC result or any other SSCE ( Senior School Certificate Examination) result either NECO or GCE.

if in any case the student does not have any of the result or is about to take the examination, the candidate will fill in an awaiting result in the column provided for the result.

A functional sim card must be used, note: if the sim card has been used to register the examination before, a new one has to be purchased for the sake of the examination because some relevant information will always be passed to the candidate through the sim card.

A very functional e-mail address will also be used, one that has not been used to create a JAMB profile or registration before will have to be used.

Note: you must remember to keep all passwords to your email and your personal data secure so that you would not lose all your created profiles.

Lastly, do well to ensure that you provide accurate informations about your self to the registrars using of forged documents will lead to the candidate being penalized.

Always make sure that all data inputs about yourselves are always correct such as your names arranged in the right order, date of birth, phone numbers and the rest of them.


Candidates will have to make careful research about the institutions and courses they offer before thinking about them. Also you have to read carefully about their cut-off mark for that course which you are about to study so that you will know how to beat the score.

Candidates will have to choose four institutions of their choice and courses they are to study. The first choice must be a Nigeria Federal University or Polytechnic, second choice should be a Nigerian State University/ Polytechnic, third choice should be a College of Education or a teachers college while the last choice should be a normal polytechnic or a science and technology school.

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Same university or school should not be chosen in the whole column so as not to get rejected after the examination proper. That is why proper research has to be made before the candidate will have to decide the university he/she is to attend.


Lot of seriousness has to be put in because JAMB takes their marking scheme very serious. Even if one scores 6 they would not hesitate to put in that 6 as the score. So, lot of impact has to be made. These steps would surely help candidates to be successful in the examination;

  • Get and practice JAMB past questions of other years and know how they ask questions on subjects
  • Attend evening tutorial lectures so that you can learn from teachers who know more about the examination very well
  • Opt for CBT (Computer Based Test) lessons so that you will learn how to be accurate in login and other password related issues
  • Pray and work very hard, burn midnight candles and spend less time on the use of your gadgets
  • Read articles relating to Jamb and how they operate
  • Know more about the subjects which you have registered for the examination.


Jamb questions are not really what anyone will think as easy but a very tactical way of setting questions. Another thing to consider is that there is no way one can cheat in the examination because everyone’s questions are not going to be the same.

Each candidate will be entitled to different types of questions like candidate number one may have a Type A question while candidate number two may have Type B question. This question types will have different numbering. No one will be able to ask each other because Mr. A number one question will be Mr. B number eight question.

So all hands must be on deck by reading and studying hard for the examination and Almighty God will crown your efforts. Amen

When is jamb 2023 going to commence?

When is JAMB 2023 Exam? The 2022 JAMB UTME exam is starting on the 5th of June, 2023. The examination is scheduled to hold between June 5th and June 19th, 2023. JAMB Board has disclosed that registration for the 2022 UTME and sale of forms will begin on 8th April 2023 and close on 15th May 2023.

I hope this write-ups has helped you a lot and answered the question that you are inquisitive about.

Keep following us and know when we update our site related to the above question, when is jamb 2023 going to commence.

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