I want to be a teacher, “What education is needed to become a teacher”.

What education is needed to become a teacher? A teacher can be said to be one of the most important personnel needed in our society at large.

A teacher according to the Oxford Dictionary and also the Webster’s Macmillan Dictionary was describe as a person who impacts knowledge into students and helps them become what they dream of, in other words, A teacher helps students achieve their positive goals and dreams.

A lot has been debating on how doctors, lawyers,engineers, actors, surgeons and some other top professionals are better than teachers. They brag about their job being better off than that of a teacher but forgetting that without a teacher,they would never become what they are today.

A teacher can also be described as a bag of talents,knowledge, wisdoms and initiatives because a teacher has that knowledge of all the professions so a teacher can also be called an engineer, a surgeon, a doctor an any other you wish to call him or her.

In most countries like Australia and some European countries, teachers are well paid and better off than some other professionals because they have that initiatives that without them, there won’t be any professional jobs at all.


Unlike some part of Africa especially West Where education and teachers are not valued.

Teachers are paid meagre salaries and not even well taken care of. That is why most people in Africa never want to become teacher after seeing all the difficulties and challenges a teacher has to pass through before they impact knowledge into students.

Most at times, these teachers are not given full support and materials that will aid them make their teaching easy, the government never wants to care forgetting that they will never be where they are now without teachers.

Teachers has made and circulated the love of the school environment and education as well because no professional ever made it without education. So that is why a teacher should be highly honored and respected in all respective.

what education is needed to become a teacher – How To Become a teacher

To become a teacher, one has to make a firm decision and have love and that good affection for students.

A teacher must have it in mind that he or she is doing the job for the love of the students therefore putting the students a priority before any other thing. Any teacher who is always into what he or she will gains has not started having the qualities of a good teacher.

So, to become a teacher, one has to make a firm resolution because teaching is more of a profession,it is a vocation and a job that has to be undertaken with passion.

What education is needed to become a teacher is one question we have to answer now.

To become a teacher,one has to also pass through some steps and go to some certain schools to become one.

The following schools are recommended for those who has been asking the question “what education is needed to become a teacher”

  • College of Education
  • Technical College
  • Higher Education Institute
  • University
  • Polytechnic


These are the institutes that one has to attend to become a good qualified teacher, to get a higher degrees in teaching one can go further to study for a Master degrees program and also obtain PhD and some other doctorate degrees in Education.

What education is needed to become a teacher- courses to study

The following subjects or courses are necessary or relevant courses that one has to study to become a qualified teacher.

  • Child Education and Counselling
  • Biology Education
  • Mathematics
  • Linguistics and Education
  • Business Studies Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Home Management
  • Technical Studies
  • Languages
  • Art courses
  • Child Management Education

What education is needed to become a teacher: Qualities of a teacher

Teacher as a second Parent

Teachers are mostly seen as the second parents of children and school children for there are many reasons behind it. Firstly, students or pupils spends more of their time in schools than home and they learn mostly from their teachers and their peers other than parents.

Teachers are the most valuable people in the world for what they offer cannot be compared to what any other fellow can offer.

Teachers holds the key to many professionals and most billionaires and richest top influential calibres in our world today.

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This is because they have worked extra mile and listened to their teachers advice and teaching has has also no relent in making great efforts and sleepless nights just to be successful.

Teacher as a mentor

A teacher will and can be classified as a mentor and the closest person to most students and children. Studies has shown that children shows and develop more attraction of love and care to their teachers than their parents that spends least five hours with them after school.

The teacher has broken that bond that ‘charity begins a home’ but I will make it clearer that charity most at times begins in the school. Most positive and negative attitudes are learnt in the school.

Teacher as a mediator

The teacher is the second or even the first feared person. He serves as a mediator between the child, education and their parents. This has in many studies brought many concise teachings that teachers are more valuable to the society than any other professional.

It has been said that if we lack teachers in the world today, it is sure that we may end up lacking doctors, lawyers and also engineers because these people are the only only that were all made up by the teacher.

The teacher is also seen as a builder in all aspects because he starts from the foundation (the early part of a child’s life) and he erects the child up in a very mannered way in such a way that people in the society sees the child as well nurtured and end up giving credit to the teacher.

We can make up to be a good teacher by giving up a lot to go into the vocation of teaching and impacting knowledge to the future leaders and inventors of the world.

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