How To Write A Given Essay In Spanish Language

Writing an essay in Spanish language seems to become an easy one for those who have learnt the basics of the language and know fully well on how to maintain their stand.

To speak a language is one thing while writing the language is another thing. One may know how to speak a language very well but the hardest part is penning what has been spoken down into a sheet of paper.

To write an essay in Spanish language, there may be two good steps that will aid both experts and amateurs in the language.

First, for those who have less or no knowledge of the Spanish language, they can choose to write the essay and make use of Google Translate and make the written words translated into the choice language – Spanish .

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One side effect or disadvantage of using the Google Translate is that there may be no full comprehension of the written essay because the use of paragraphs and punctuations may be lacking in the translated essay.


Secondly, there may be need to meet someone who has full knowledge of the language which may be of good and the best help rendered in delivering the essay to a good standard.

Tips for Writing an Effective Essay In Spanish Language

  1. Make sure that the given essay question is well explanatory and clear so as to grab the main topic of the question so as to be able to deliver a well notes essay. If you are not confident about the essay question, you can ask the teacher to clarify it. essay question is clear to you. This will help you while brainstorming for points to develop.
  2. To give a near perfect essay, look out for authentic sources in Spanish language so as to get help related to the topic of he essay given to write on. fons authentic sources so that the translations can be made easy, understandable and readable.
  3.  Write out a list of the question given as a research to get related ideas to the essay question. Make an outline and make sure you are giving clear answers into the paper.
  4. Try to think like a native speaker. When developing ideas and arguments, try to think like Spanish people. You can do some reading in their language to engage in the subject and get a better understanding of their thinking and mentality.
  5. Looking at other essays in Spanish can make the writing process significantly easier. Analyze their structure, pay attention to the transition words, see how new ideas or contrasting concepts are introduced. All this will help you be more fluent as well as make your essay sound natural.

Writing an Essay in Spanish: Step by Step Guide

  • Write your essay
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Write a first draft
  • Print off the draft
  • Correct any spelling problems
  • Check with a Spanish grammar book
  • Revise Your Work
  • Write your final draft


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