How To Convert Youtube Songs To Itunes

How To Convert Youtube Songs To Itunes?: In this article you will learn how you can convert music from YouTube to iTunes.

Have you ever found that perfect mix of your favorite song on YouTube, only to realize that there’s no way you can have that in your iTunes library to play on loop all the time?

We’ve all been there.

The entire situation can be extremely frustrating, and you might think that the only way you can listen to that song on your phone is by playing it on YouTube.

That might not seem like that big of a deal, but when you realize that the only way to keep the music from YouTube actually playing in the background is to keep your phone permanently unlocked, that will not only eat up your data but your battery too.


Those with slightly older iPhones might start experiencing extremely hot phones and, with that, the slew of issues that usually follow.

All of that doesn’t mean that you can’t still play the songs that you’ve found on YouTube on your phone as audio files, you totally can! But before you do, you’ll have to convert them into audio only files that are playable through iTunes.

There are a few ways you can do that. We’re going to be focusing on two of them. Converting songs through a converter online and using Softorino YouTube Converter PRO, one that’s offline.

Converting Songs Through Online Converter

When it comes to converting songs from YouTube, one of the most popular methods is to find an online YouTube to audio converter and have it automatically convert the song for you.

For this method, you’d usually Google the term “YouTube to Audio Converter” and use one of the options on the first page.

Visit YouTube, and search the song that you want to convert to add to your iTunes.

Once you find it, click on the share button to copy the link of that video or use the address bar to copy it. Either of the ways works.

After that, you open up the tab with the online converter in and paste your link into the search bar there. Your preferred video should ideally show up at this point, and all you’ll have to do is click convert, and the converter will begin to process the file.


Once it’s done, you’ll see an option to download the file onto your computer. Click on it and let the file download.

When it’s finished, it’ll be in your library, but you will have to sync it to your phone to get it into your iPhone

The problem with this method is that it comes with a bunch of problems that you shouldn’t really have to deal with.

For starters, getting the song to your iPhone requires an additional step and for you to connect your phone to your computer.

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Secondly, all of the songs you download will be without artwork, which means all gray home screens.

And the most important of them all, these websites are usually used by hackers to hide malicious files within the download you mean to let onto your computer, leaving your phone vulnerable to cyber attacks too!

All of that seems like a lot of effort and risk just to have some music on your phone.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely no way at all to get those songs in your iTunes library. You can, you just have to use a more reliable method to do it.

Converting Songs with Softorino YouTube Converter PRO

If you want to convert youtube to iTunes without having to expose your computer to all of those potential risks we talked about above, you need to be using a platform or program that’s from a reliable company and doesn’t want to infect your computer. Softorino is one of those companies!

Softorino YouTube Converter PRO makes it possible for you to get all the songs you want into your library without having to deal with any viruses or hacks!

To use this method, visit the Softorino website, and download Softorino YouTube Converter PRO. Once the download finishes, install the app and launch it.

How To Convert Youtube Songs To Itunes?
Credit: SoftOrino

When the app launches, you’ll notice how everything you need to get a song from YouTube (or the internet as a whole) will just be there, waiting for you!

Here, all you’ll have to do is type the name of the song you’re looking to download and search it. It should show up in the window next to the initial screen.

How To Convert Youtube Songs To Itunes?
Credit: SoftOrino

There, you get to customize your download. Firstly, click on the “Audio” option, so SYC PRO knows that you want to download the audio file and not the entire video.

Right below that section is a section where you have to choose the destination for the final file. Here you will see your devices and “iTunes”. Click “iTunes”

After that, all you have to do is click “Transfer To” , and the song you’ve picked will be moved to your iTunes library automatically!

How To Convert Youtube Songs To Itunes?
Credit: SoftOrino

The best part is that with this method, you’ll have the official song album art too!

Plus, even if you don’t like the album art that’s already there, you can even edit the name of your song while it’s still in the queue, and even that will change!

Overall, this has to be one of the easiest yet most effective ways to convert and download songs to your iTunes library.

All Set to Convert and Listen!

Throughout the post above, we talked about two of the most popular methods of converting and downloading songs from YouTube.

The main difference between the two is the reliability of it all.

While the online web converters have been available for years, they haven’t really gotten more reliable.

Softorino has years of experience in the field, and with it, were able to create a product that sits on your computer, ready to convert and download files whenever they want!

All of that comes with convenience and peace of mind too. You’ll know that malicious files won’t tag along to harm your device, and the entire process will just be done in no time!

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