Civic Education SS1 Third Term Scheme Of Work

The Third Term is already coming to a start and many teachers would be needing Civic Education SS1 Third Term Scheme Of Work to prepare their Lesson Plan For the term and this is not only meant for teachers alone but for students also.

The students can also use this to help themselves to read ahead of the teacher and prepare questions and other query for the teacher when the class is on session.

Weeks Topics Contents
1. Cultism (I)
  • Meaning Of Cult and Cultism
  • Activities of cults
  • The origin of cultism
  • Cults and their signs and symbols
  • Reasons for establishing cults
2. Cultism (II)
  • Reason for joining cults
  • Male and Female cult groups The consequences of cultism
3. Preventive Measures Against Cultism
  • How to prevent oneself from joining cults
4. Law and Orderliness
  • Meaning of law Types of law
  • Enforcers of law
  • Purposes of law
5. Orderliness
  • Meaning Of Orderliness
  • Forms of Orderliness
  • Where Orderliness can be observed
  • The role of Orderliness in the society
6. Constituted Authority
  • Meaning of Authority
  • Meaning of Constituted Authority
  • Forms of Constituted Authority
  • Types of Constituted Authority
  • Importance Of Constituted Authority
7. Human Trafficking
  • Meaning of Human Trafficking
  • Types of Human Trafficking
  • Recruitment Methods in Human Trafficking
  • The prerequisites for trafficking
  • Causes of human trafficking
8. Effects and Consequences of Human Trafficking
  • The After-Effects of human trafficking
9. Government and Individual Efforts To Stop Human Trafficking
  • Governmental and NGOs that helps in stopping Human Trafficking
10. SS1 Civic Education Third Term Examination (Mock)  

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