The “Chronicles of Higher Education” and How Educational challenges were solved in the 20th Century

Chronicles of Higher Education in Africa and some major parts of Africa as a continent has led to a lot of damages caused. This has led to many mis-management issues which is also one of the major cause of the high rate of illiteracy in our African Continent and West Africa as a major point of discussion.

The Chronicles of Higher Education has caused more good than harm in West Africa in the sense that we were all novices and sat down on our huts and thatched roof mud houses and watched the wise Europeans take what belongs to us to develop their continents.

Assume the Africans were wise enough and well educated and had that sense of development and hunger for self democratic living, we would have being the best continents among the seven continents we have in the world because 85 per cent to 90 per cent of natural resources and raw materials grow well and are produced in Africa even the so called black oil that most Europeans brag about.

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The Chronicles of Education has shown that Africans had less interest for the search for knowledge and that is why we cannot prove that we are the ones contributing the highest quota in the world because we have no or less knowledge of what to do with those raw materials we had in plentiful and bulk back then.


This led us to allow the Europeans who are highly developed mentally and had that great opportunity to make inert research and indepth thinking about how to make and transform those raw materials and natural resources into substances that will be beneficial to man.

The Chronicles of Higher Education has also shown that we the African had and is still showing that less concern for education that is why African will still be considered the “black people with a black mind” because education as a light has not penetrated into our minds to cleanse that darkness.

In other words I will say that the Chronicles of Higher Education has the autonomous interred integrity that Africa has almost lost everything that we had to the outsiders (the Europeans).

The painful part was the taking of most of our able bodied men and some who were willing to learn to Europe in disguise that they wanted to help them in schools and train them but ended up taking them as slaves.

This part was where Africans failed woefully and painstakingly will never recover from that dilemma. Most African countries end up borrowing us cash to run our various countries especially in time of drought,flood, pandemic, natural disasters and others when we had all the material that could fetch us all the funds we needed to help ourselves with all the amenities and facilities that will help us in this kinds of periods.

Not that these Europeans does not face these natural disasters, They do face them but they are financially stable to help themselves and also still have all the technologies and amenities on ground to help themselves and will never run around looking for countries that will help.

Causes of The Chronicles of Higher Education

1. Poverty Rate: The poverty rate in Africa can be rated seventy percent all over hundred and on lists, African countries especially West African countries always too the list of poverty inclined country’s when listing them. The issue was that we had this great opportunity of helping ourselves but we never did. During the Trans-Atlantic Trade period, North Africa especially, made a very grave mistake that have made them suffer for it after their trade by barter exchange of all their gold with common things like salt forgetting that gold will one day be extremely valuable to them.

2. Lack of Interest: African children and youth lost interest in education for so many reasons that cannot be mentioned in one piece, one will always say that “we are the cause of our problems” which I will surely believe and hold on to that. But we ourselves should be the one to speak to ourselves and make ourselves open for formation and allow our selves to be formed and moulded by teachers.

Educational formation can only take place when we dispose ourselves and allow school to pass through us instead of just passing through the four walls of a school alone.

3. Selfish Government: Africans has one of the highest government that are greedy and self-centered they tend to become opposite of what they have promised the people when they finally get to power. This politicians only hoard all the money that is meant for the greater development of the country and save it for themselves and their children in an account outside of the country.

Our government has made the youth lose interest in education and made them digress to crimes that will one day lead to their doom because they have increased the rate of education in the country. Education has become only for the rich or even richest in the country. Thereby making those very much interested in education loose that interest because their parents cannot afford to send them to school.

There is a proverb that says ” If education is too costly, try ignorance” and which is what most of our youths and vulnerable African children are trying up till date.

4. The Society: Our society plays a vital role in our educational background and also holds the key feature to all we are engaged in. The family followed by the society are where all goods and bads we learn come from. Our society where we have grown up from matters a lot in our educational background because it gives a solid foundation to ether good or bad that we are today.

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