Caleb University Admission Requirements, School Fees, Courses and Cut Off Mark

Caleb University was established in 1986 by the Caleb Foundation which, then as now, has concentrated its energies on making higher education accessible to young Nigerians who, thanks to the generous provisions of our Higher Education Loan Scheme, are able to study irrespective of their lack of financial resources.

In this article, you will get detailed information on the university, such as Caleb University Admission Requirements and fee structure, scholarships available for students, admission deadlines etc. Apart from that, you can also get informed about the degrees offered and courses offered for different streams.

Where Is Caleb University Located?

It is a private university in Nigeria, located on the South Western state, Lagos where the country’s main focus of economy is based. It is located geograpically on the mainland of the Lagos axis which is called Imota. It was initially started to serve as a nursery and primary school by Prince Oladega Adebogun with its systematic history dating back to 1986.

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Caleb University Admission Requirements

Hey everyone! So today I want to talk about the Caleb University Admission Requirements. As you all know, Caleb is a great school and getting in can be pretty competitive. So I’ve compiled a list of requirements that you’ll need in order to apply to Caleb.


First and foremost, you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent. If you don’t have a high school diploma, you can still apply to Caleb, but you’ll need to take a few extra classes in order to make up for it.

Next, you’ll need to take the WAEC or GCE and then have a high mark in Jamb. The score that you get on these tests will play a big role in your admissions decision, so make sure to do your best!

Finally, you’ll need two letters of recommendation from either your teachers or your bosses. These letters should highlight your strengths and why you would be a good fit for Caleb University.

That’s all for the Caleb University Admission Requirements! Be sure to follow these requirements and you’ll be one step closer to getting into your dream school.

Caleb University School Fees

Caleb University is a private university located in Lagos State, Nigeria. The institution was established in 1986. Caleb University school fees is very affordable and it is one of the reasons why the university is gaining popularity day by day. The total cost of attendance for a semester at Caleb University is just over $500 which includes tuition, fees, and other expenses. The university offers a wide range of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Caleb University Dress Code

Caleb University has a very strict dress code that all students must adhere to. This includes not only the clothes you wear but also your hair and make-up. Let’s take a look at what is and isn’t allowed.

Clothing: No tank tops, short shorts, or other revealing clothing. Skirts and dresses must be knee-length or longer. Shirts must have sleeves.

Hair: No extreme colors or styles. Hair must be well-groomed and neatly styled.

Make-up: No excessive make-up. eyeliner and mascara are allowed, but foundation, contouring, etc., is not.

Caleb University Cut Off Marks

Caleb University, like all other tertiary institutions in Nigeria, has a minimum cut off mark for admission into any of its academic programmes. The Caleb University cut off mark for the 2022/2023 academic session is yet to be announced by the management of the institution.

The Caleb University cut off mark is usually determined by the number of applications received as well as the number of students that qualify for admission into the institution. For instance, if the number of students that meet the requirements for a particular programme is higher than the number of available spaces, then the cut off mark for that programme will be higher.

However, it is important to note that meeting the Caleb University cut off mark is not a guarantee of admission into the institution. This is because admission into Caleb University is based on merit and only students with high grades will be offered admission into the institution.

What are the courses at Caleb University?

It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in engineering, communications and information technology. Caleb University is a leading private university in Nigeria that provides world-class education. The courses at Caleb University are:

-Business Administration
-Mass Communication
-Political Science

Caleb University Student Portal

Caleb University has a student portal that provides access to a variety of services for students, faculty, and staff. The portal is also the gateway to the university’s online learning management system. The portal is hosted by the same company that hosts the university’s website.


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