Apply For Monthly $2000 Nitro Scholarship: 2022 Application Process, Eligibility and Deadline

The $2000 Nitro Scholarship is open to college students who are not financially buoyant to source or fund their education. They are open to providing students and their applicants material and financial resources to help navigate their individual and educational needs in the college.

Nitro Scholarship has accepted to offer the these students the opportunity to make an application, become successful and earn from their scholarship opportunity which is a a whooping sum of $2000 Scholarship support.

This $2000 Scholarship support will help these college student as the funds will go a long way in helping them achieve their dream of becoming what they have in mind through the tools that Nitro Scholarship has provided.

Eligibility For The $2000 Nitro Scholarship

The $2000 Nitro Scholarship which have earlier started to accept application after they threw their application portal open as of the 28th of January, 2022. The scholarship program is only open to legal citizens of West Africa, Canada , United States and Colombia.

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The age range of 17 years or older can still make application and also those eligible ones will still have to meet up with the following requirements at the time of the application

  •  must be a student who is currently studying in an accredited university located in West Africa, Canada, United States and Colombia
  • must be a parent who has a child that is currently enrolled in any accredited college in West Africa, Canada, United States and Colombia (if parents want to make application for their children)
  • for student or parent who has graduated from an accredited undergraduate or Post-Graduate course and is still in debt or owing the institute where he/she has studied. The funds can be used to settle the bills.

NB: Any application made outside of the countries listed would not be considered

Application Deadline

All the $2000 Nitro Scholarship application must be submitted on or before the 30th of April, 2022.

2021-2022 $2000 Nitro Scholarship Application Deadlines and Past Winners

Deadline                         Winners

October 31, 2021          Nadia Bray

November 30, 2021      Janmarcos Alvarez Ruiz

December 31, 2021       Kellis Mathis

January 31, 2022           Kennedy Jenkins

February 28, 2022          Mike Van Dreason

March 31, 2022              Confirming Winner

April 30, 2022                Upcoming Deadline 

Application Portal

To apply for the Monthly $2000 Nitro Scholarship, log on to the Nitro College Scholarship Portal and fill in your details the. wait for your response on the outcome of the scholarship program. You too can also win the $2000 Nitro Scholarship, if lucky.


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