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SS1 First Term Chemistry Scheme Of Work

The SS1 Chemistry First Term Scheme Of Work for (Senior Secondary schools one) in Nigeria has been made unified as approved by the ministry of education. Being unified means all schools be it private or government-owned are to adopt the same scheme as it is approved for preparing students for Chemistry exams in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.

The government-approved scheme of work for SS1 Chemistry First Term Scheme Of Work for all topics is now available on our platform.

This unified (used in all states) scheme of work covers all topics ranging from first term to third term which starts with introduction and revision of the previous term, midterm breaks, revision, examination, and vacation.

The SS1 Chemistry First Term scheme of work government-approved subjects for all primary schools in Nigeria makes this scheme of work very important.

It is the government revised scheme for all topics for SS1 Chemistry and it is applicable to all states. That is, schools (Private and government-owned) operating in all states in Nigeria are advised to make use of this scheme of work as it contains the approved curriculum.


SS1 First Term Chemistry Scheme Of Work

Week Topics Content
1. Introduction to Chemistry
  • Definition of Chemistry and it’s branches
  • Explanation of scientific methods
  • Career opportunities in Chemistry
2. Particulate Nature of Matter I
  • Definition of Matter
  • States of Matter
  • Description and movement of matter
  • Physical and Chemical properties of matter
3. Particulate Nature of Matter II
  • Electronic Configuration
4. Valency, Oxidation number, Ions and Radicals
  • Definition of Valency
  • Chemical Symbols
  • Oxidation numbers of elements
  • Rules for assigning oxidation number
5. Formulas and Equations
  • Chemical Formulas
  • Chemical Equations
  • Balancing chemical equations and formulas
6. Laws of Chemical Combination
  • Different laws of chemical combination
  • Experiment to verify the laws
7. Chemical Combination
  • The periodic table (first 20 elements)
8. Chemical Industry
  • Meaning of Chemical Industry
  • Factors to be considered in siting chemical Industry
9. SS1 Chemistry First Term Examination Mock Examination

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