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Mathematics SS1 Third Term Scheme Of Work

The Third Term is already coming to a start and many teachers would be needing Mathematics SS1 Third Term Scheme Of Work to prepare their Lesson Plan For the term and this is not only meant for teachers alone but for students also.

The students can also use this to help themselves to read ahead of the teacher and prepare questions and other query for the teacher when the class is on session.

Week Topics Content
1. Logical reasoning
  • Meaning of mathematical logic
  • Simple statement
  • Compound statement
  • Truth table
2. Trigonometry (I)
  • Basic trigonometric ratio (sine-cosine-tangent)
3. Trigonometry (II)
  • Trigonometric ratio of Angles (30°, 60°, 90°)
4. Mensuration (I)
  • Angle of Depression
  • Angle Of elevation
  • Bearing
  • Length Of arc Area of a sector Perimeter of a sector
5. Mensuration (II)
  • Surface area volume of solid shapes (cube – cuboid)
6. Mensuration (III)
  • Surface area of frustrum of a cone
  • Surface Area and volume of compound shaps
7. Data presentation (I)
  • Revision on collection, tabulation and presentation of data.
8. Data Presentation (II)
  • Line graph , bar graph, histogram and pie chart
9. SS1 Mathematics Third Term Examination  

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