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Chemistry SS1 Third Term Scheme Of Work

The Third Term is already coming to a start and many teachers would be needing Chemistry SS1 Third Term Scheme Of Work to prepare their Lesson Plan For the term and this is not only meant for teachers alone but for students also.

The students can also use this to help themselves to read ahead of the teacher and prepare questions and other query for the teacher when the class is on session.


Weeks Topics Content
1. Acid, Base and Salt: Acid
  • Definition of Acid
  • Strength of an Acid
  • Basicity of an Acid
  • Characteristics of Acid
  • Preparation of Acid
  • Reaction of an Acid
2. Acid, Base and Salt: Base
  • Definition of Base
  • Strength of an Alkali
  • Characteristics of Base
  • Reaction of Base
  • Uses of Base
3. Acid, Base and Salt: Salts
  • Definition Of Salt
  • Characteristics Of Salts
  • Preparation Of Salt
  • Types Of Salt
  • Uses Of Salt
  • Hydrolysis of salt
4. Water
  • Definition And sources Of water (Treated/Distilled)
  • Types Of water
  • Water pollutants
  • Properties Of Water
  • Uses Of Water
  • Laboratory preparation of Water
5. Carbon and it’s compound: Allotropes of Carbon
  • Carbon Allotropes and structures
  • The atomic structure of carbon
  • Allotropes of carbons (Graphite-Diamond)
  • Chemical properties of Carbon
6. Carbon and it’s compound: Coal
  • Definition of Coal
  • Types of coal
  • Destructive Distillation Of coal
  • Uses Of Product Of Coal
7. Carbon and It’s Compound: CO and CO²
  • Carbon (iv) Oxide
  • Formation Of Carbon (iv) Oxide
  • Laboratory preparation of Carbon (iv) Oxide
  • Uses Of Carbon (iv) Oxide

  • Carbon (ii)
  • Laboratory preparation of Carbon (ii) Oxide
  • Physical Properties of Carbon (ii) Oxide
  • Chemical properties of Carbon (ii) Oxide
8. Trioxocarbonates
  • Preparation of metallic trioxocarbonates
  • Preparation of Trioxocarbonates salts
  • Uses of Trioxocarbonates salts.
9. Hydrocarbon
  • Crude Oil and Oil Nature
  • Refining Of Crude Oil
  • Cracking and refining of the Crude Oil
10. Volumetric (Qualitative) Analysis
  • Introduction to Volumetric Qualitative Analysis
  • Apparatus Used in volumetric analysis
  • Basic definitions in Volumetric Qualitative Analysis
  • Universal Indicator
  • Effect of wrong of Indicator
11. Summative Assessment  
12 Third Term Examination  



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