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Biology SS1 Third Term Scheme Of Work

Weeks Topics Contents
1. Aquatic (Marine) Habitat ° Meaning Of Aquatic Habitat
°Types Of Aquatic Habitat
° Major Zones Of A Marine Habitat
° Distribution Of The Organism In the Habitat And Their Adaptive Feature
2. Aquatic (Estuarine) Habitat ° Meaning Of Estuarine Habitat
° Characteristics Of Estuarine
° Types Of Estuarine
° Distribution Of Plants And Animals in Estuarine Habitat
° Adaptative Features Of The Plants And Animals In The Estuarine Habitat
° Food Chain In The Estuarine Habitat
3. Fresh Water Habitat ° Characteristics Of Fresh Water Habitat
° Types Of Fresh Water Habitat
° Zones In Fresh Water Habitat
° Fresh Water Organisms
° Adaptation Of Organisms To Fresh Water
4. Terrestial: Marsh ° Meaning Of Marsh Land
° Water And Vegetation Pattern Of Marshes
° Importance Of Freshwater Marsh
° Characteristics Of Marshland
° Types Of Marshes
° Plants And Animals In The Marshes
5. Terrestrial Habitat: Fresh; Grassland and Arid Land 1. FOREST
° Characteristics Of Forest
° Strata In A Rain Forest
° Distribution Of Organism in a Forest
° Adaptation Of Plants And Animals In Forest

° Characteristics Of Grassland
° Distribution Of Plants And Animals In The Grassland
° Some Adaptation Of Grassland Community
° Characteristics Of Arid Land
° Types Of Arid Land
° Distribution Of Organism In An Arid Land
6. Reproduction In Unicellular Organism ° Reproduction By Assexual
° Reproduction By Sexual
7. Meaning Of Reproduction ° Reproduction In Cockroach, HouseFly, Snail.
8. Summative Test/Mock  
9. Promotional Examination  

The Third Term is already coming to a start and many teachers would be needing SS1 Biology Third Term Scheme Of Work to prepare their Lesson Plan For the term and this is not only meant for teachers alone but for students also.

The students can also use this to help themselves to read ahead of the teacher and prepare questions and other query for the teacher when the class is on session. 

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