WAEC 2022 Food And Nutrition 3 Practical Questions And Answers

The Waec 2022 Food and Nutrition 3 Practical which is scheduled to hold on the 9th Of May, 2022 will be the first paper that the West African Examination Council will be starting with for the year 2022 as the first paper to kick off Waec 2022.

The Waec 2022 Food And Nutrition 3 Practical will be written by students who have registered Food and Nutrition as a trade or core subject and they should be trusting us to drop the answers for the practical on our site here.

Waec 2022 Foods and Nutrition Practical 3 Exam Date

May 9th, 2022

Food And Nutrition 3 | Practical Planning session. – 8:30am -9:30am

WAEC 2022 Food & Nutrition 3 Practical Questions


First of all, practice of our WASSCE Foods and Nutrition past questions makes you faster on the exam day.

  • It’s no secret that questions on the WASSCE for each particular subject are usually similar to questions in previous years since they’re from the same WAEC syllabus. WAEC also sometimes repeats questions word-for-word.
  • Furthermore, exposure: Regular practice exposes you to your weaknesses and gives you a chance to better yourself before the exam.
  • On the other hand, decreases chances of anxiety: Regular and efficient practice improves your confidence before the exam
  • In the light of this, these and many more are some of the beautiful benefits of practicing WAEC Foods and Nutrition past questions.
  • In summary, it’s important you make it a habit to regularly practice with the past question papers. There’s no doubt that this would help you achieve the grades you desire on the WASSCE on the long run.
  • Equally important, do not just focus only on the WAEC past questions we provide on this page. We also have other WASSCE related resources that will be of great help to you.

Today’s Food and nutrition Practical answer

2022 WAEC Food and Nutrition Practical


  1. Your diabetic pregnant sister is spending the day with you.

(a) Prepare, cook and serve a two-course lunch for her.

(b) Prepare a snack dish for her.

(c) Set the lunch table.

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