Area of Concentration For Mathematics Waec 2023/2024

The best area of concentration for mathematics waec 2023/2024 are mostly what will be revealed in this article and it will surely be of great help to those who will surely take heed to the steps and guidelines that will be listed on this post.

Waec Mathematics examination is a general paper and almost all candidates will be writing the subject both science, art, commercial and technical departments because of its relevance to different courses offered in the universities and colleges.

What is Area Of Concentration

Area of concentration simply means the summation of all the topics that have been taught in a particular subject. It is said to be the summary of areas that students or waec candidates have to focus more on when they are preparing for a particular subject examination. This area of concentration helps students to know more exact places where they should read in preparation for their forth coming examination.

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Most challenges faced by students is the inability to assume or know the exact place that an examiner would or may be setting questions for and thereby, causing the candidate preparing for the examination to read on irrelevant topics that the examiner may not even consider to set on the examination day.

The Best Area Of Concentration For Mathematics Waec 2022

The best area of concentration for mathematics waec 2022 are the following topics in mathematics that have to be looked into more as a waec 2022 candidate to certify academic excellence in mathematics. Lets get started with the area of concentration for mathematics waec 2022

  • Sequences and Series

  1. Arithmetric progression (A.P)
  2. Geometric progression (G.P)
  3. Patterns of Sequences
  • Set

  1. The Idea of sets, universal set, intersection and complement of set
  2. Finite and infinite set
  3. Solutions and practical problems involving classification using venn diagram
  4. Subsets, empty sets and disjoint set
  5. Logical reasoning
  6. Simple statement
  7. True and false statement
  8. Negation of statement
  9. Use of symbols and venn diagram
  • Surds

  1. Simplification and rationalization of surds
  2. Surd of a form, rational numbers and positive integers
  3. Variation
  4. Direct, joint, partial and inverse variation
  5. Application of variation to simple practical problems
  6. Quadratic equations
  7. Solutions of quadratic equations
  8. Forming of quadratic equation roots
  9. Application of quadratic equation in daily lives and practical problems
  • Mensuration

  1. Use of Pythagoras theorems, sine and cosine rule to determine length and distances
  2. Length of an arc of circles, sectors and segments
  3. Longtitude and latitude
  4. Surface areas of cube, cuboids, cylinders, pyramids, right angled triangle, cones, prism and sphere
  5. Areas and volumes of compound solid shapes
  • Financial Arithmetrics

  1. Annuities
  2. Depreciation and amortization
  3. Capital market instruments
  • Probability

  1. Addition and subtraction of probability for mutually exclusive and independent events
  2. Multiplication of probability for independent events
  3. Experimental and theoretical probability
  • Statistics

  1. Frequency distribution
  2. Mean, median, mode for both grouped and ungrouped data
  3. Pie chart, bar charts, histograms and frequency polygon
  4. Measure of central tendency
  5. Measure of dispersion: range, semi-inter-quartile, variance, mean deviation and standard deviation
  6. Cumulative frequency curve (ogive)
  • Trigonometry

  1. Sine, cosine and tangent of angles
  2. Graph of sine and cosine
  3. Angle of depression and elevation
  4. Application to heights and distances
  5. Calculations of bearing and distance
  • Construction of angles

  1. Triangles and quadrilaterals for bisectors
  2. Angles e.g 90o, 60o, 45o, 30o and some other given angles
  3. Knowledge of loci
  4. Points equidistant from two different points
  5. Points at a given distances from a straight line

Picturic Formulas For Areas Of Concentration For Mathematics Waec 2022

Area of Concentration For Mathematics Waec 2022Area of Concentration For Mathematics Waec 2022Area of Concentration For Mathematics Waec 2022

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