How To Write Quality Essays In Waec, Neco and GCE Examinations

Waec, NECO and GCE has been one of the major O’Level examinations in Nigeria and essay has been one of the major part of English language that has been failing students.

That is why the content of this post will help examination candidates to know how to play safe in their WAEC, NECO and GCE examination

Most examination candidates fail examinations due to the facts that they cannot construct an essay by themselves, which is some thing very shameful that for a student who has been in school for over three years of junior secondary school education and another three years of senior secondary school education.

All hands must be on deck for this kind of practice never again to repeat itself. Essay writing is one of the easiest in examinations which allows you to think critically before writing them.

Most at times, one has to write them with their personal experience which they have gathered in terms of living in a society.

Waec Neco and GCE
Writing essay in Waec, Neco and GCE

Essay writing is one which the candidate is advised to choose either formal letter, informal letter, argumentative essay, story writing, letter-to-an-editor and the rest of them that can be found in the question paper.


There are steps and approach that has to be foolowed in writing informal letters in WAEC, NECO and GCE examinations. Formal letters seems to be the easiest in WAE, NECO and GCE examination because you are allowed to use free informal languages to write your essay.

Firstly, there are lot that has to be worked on before writing an essay and these are;


It is a requirement in English Language for a student to pass

  • It forces students to write
  • It allows the use of paragraphs
  • The use of of linkage words
  • It gives structure or design to an essay
  • It helps in the arrangement of words in each lines in the essay writing.


INTRODUCTION (In an informal letter)

Avoid unnecessarily prolonged form of greetings as these attract some penalties to students; make your greetings very short, brief and precise.

How are you? How do you do?, How is the atmospheric condition over there. I hope the whole of your family members are in sound condition of the health just as i am today

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Remark: These greeting forms should be avoided. “Condition of Health” is a repitition

  • I do hope you are in sound health and your studies goes on well
  • I do believe your work runs smoothly; moreso that you are as fit as a fiddle
  • I am of the mind that you and your family are hale and hearty


This means how you recieved the letter, the mood you were when you recieved the letter times, the failure to send a reply after the reciept of a letter) all this can be indicated in the letter.

They can be written in many formats depending on what the question entails, who you are writing the letter to and the content of the first letter (if you are writing a reply letter)

This acknowledgement has to also be in a short and brief format and no repitition of the same expression used

  • On the 2nd of January, 2016, I recieved your letter which the content were well understood
  • I’m very happy to have recieved your letter through your elder sister, Modupe early this morning. I did enjoyed your letter, especially when you asked about my education and welfare in the school
  • Accept my congratulations/sympathy on your recent birthday ceremony, wedding, burial, funerals and naming ceremonies
  • Just a couple of days ago, I recieved your last letter. Thanks, the content there were clearly understood
  • I have to first thank you for your letter sent to me last month through the courier service. In fact, I really got the message and I understood what you are going through
  • Your letter of 6th January, 2019, came in handy. Sincerely speaking, It was very clear and understandable.
  • In acknowledgement, you can express also your appreciation, gratitude to the addressee for the help or offer rendered to you.
  • May i first express my appreciation for the warm entertainment or hospitality you gave me the other time i visited you
  • I am heartily grateful for the money enclosed in the letter
  • I am sincerely thankful for all the financial support given to me throughout the last academic session to ensure the my education progresses

Before the acknowledgement is concluded, the purpose/reason for writing the essay or letter must be stated.

EXAMPLE: The main/ major/ principal/ chief reason for writing this letter is.

I write purposely, majorly, principally, intentionally to explain the reason why….

My main purpose or intention of writing this letter is to …..


In the body of the letter, which is the content of the letter, candidates have to remember all these stated below and observe them for a good essay

Arranging the ideas in properly developed and well linked paragraph discussing one (not two or more) ideas, reasons or pionts in one paragraphs.

  • Indent the lines to show a start of a fresh paragraph
  • Begin each paragraph with a conjunction for example, Moreover, Aftermath.
  • For the first paragraph of your point or idea, you can start the paragraph with these examples ; First of all, First and foremost, To start with, To begin with, First, Firstly, In the first instance, In the first place
  • For the second point or idea and all other subsequent paragraphs, you can start it with these; Moreover, Futhermore, In addition, Besides, Apart from these, In fact, Also, Additionally, Secondly, Inspite of all these.
  • The final or concluding paragraph can begin with any of these; Lastly, Finally, Last but not the least, In conclusion, In view of the above, Considering the above, e.t.c

NOTE: The points or the ideas has to start with the conjunctions listed above before the idea listed can be discussed fully in a standard paragraph. Ensure that your sentences are well linked using sweetable conjunctions.

With all these good points listed above, writing informal letter will be an easy nut to crack in WAEC, NECO and GCE. Do well to follow the guidelines listed in the contents of this post and write a good informal essay.

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