Waec 2023 Registration Deadline: Procedures And Registration

WAEC 2023 Registration Deadlines for this year, is certain that it will end quick. The Waec body has decided that the Examination will begin back the way it used to be written unlike that of 2020 and 2021 that was almost shifted to the mid year because of the pandemic that has struck the world today, COVID-19.

The waec 2023 registration deadline for a student will surely be till the end of February and the capturing for the examination will begin by March and the examination will be scheduled for May/June as it used to be.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) registration for school and private candidates is ongoing presently and it now has lots of protocols attached to it.

Unlike last year’s examinations where lot of under age registered for the examination, that is, mostly SS2 students with age range of 16-17.

The board has announced in their last board meeting that student with out the documents and the right age range would not be allowed to sit for the SSCE examination and the Waec 2023 Registration will have lot of processes required



As stated already, students of SS2 and of the age range 16-17 would not be allowed to participate in the ongoing registration for the examination. Each qualified candidates for the examination may be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Affidavit of your birth certificate and some more to mention

Waec 2023 Registration for both school candidates and GCE private candidate may take place in their online portal and the date will soon be scheduled and its processes and it will also have a deadline.


The process will require each candidates to hurriedly get their registration pin. This pins can be bought in some authorized retail shops and waec accredited centres.

The pins can also be bought from any Nigeria commercial banks branch in your locality such as First Bank, Wema Bank, Access Bank and some more to mention.

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The pin will be sold at the rate of eighteen thousand naira (N18,000). The registering candidate would also be asked to remit the sum of five hundred naira (N500) as the commission to the authorized agents or the bank.

After the PIN has been bought from the authorized agents or bank, the candidate will be adviced to sign in to WAEC CAFE for further registeration.

NOTE: This has to be done in a cybercafe or a very high internet gadgets. You will need to take a clear passport photographs with mostly white background and your biometrics would also be needed, that is, thumb print registration will also be required.


As the case may be, candidates for the waec 2023 Registration deadline must be 18 years and above before the registrations will be considered valid. Note: No faking of age or using forged documents as the candidate may be penalized for such actions.

The candidate must consider registering minimum of eight subject and maximum of nine subjects for the examination. It must include; English Language, Mathematics which are the core subjects then other subjects can be chosen according to the department that the candidate has featured during his senior secondary school days

Art Students can choose from the subjects listed English Language, General Mathematics, Literature-in-English, Christian Religious Studies/ Islamic Religious Knowledge, Biology, Economics, Civic Education, Government, History, Computer Studies.

Science students can also choose nine subjects from the subject listed; English Language, General Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Civic Education, Geography, Further Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Animal Husbandry, Economics.

Commercial students can also choose from the following subject allocations; English Language, General Mathematics, Commerce, Economics, Book Keeping, Typewriting, Shorthand, Biology, Financial Accounting, Civic Education, Computer Studies and lots more to mention


If you are a school candidate (SS3), the whole registration would be made easy for you as the registration would take place in the school where you have registered for the examination.

Firstly, all the NIN of the students/candidates will be requested for by the school that will be registering you. In case you do not have the National Identification Number (NIN) yet, kindly do well by visiting any NIMC accredited centres to make your registration and get your NIN slip. The registration is totally free!

Students have to be extremely careful of fake NIN registration centres so as not to get scammed or take most of your personal data for other fake impersonation reasons. We ought to be careful of who we give out our bio-data to.

Candidates who have finally purchased their PIN either from the bank or from an authorized retail outlet can now log on to the waec 2023 registration portal to continue the registration process @WAEC PORTAL

Once the registration process has been started by the candidate, it must be completed on or before two weeks after their first visit to the Waec registration portal

During the process of registration, the candidate must be careful in all ramification in cases related to their names as to typing in their correct bio-data into the system and make sure their is no mistake in their data inputs

The candidate, after a successful registration process, must print out their photo card which will be needed during the examination as a proof that they are candidates for the examination

A digital camera must be used for a brighter photo and a digital personal scanner should also be used for the fingerprint registeration.


As the case might be, walk-in candidates as it is been called are those ones that will love to register for the examination after the process has exceeded the deadline of the registration.

Each walk-in candidates will pay the sum of thirty thousand five hundred naira (N30,500) due to their lateness to the registeration process.


Candidates who has some special needs such as blindness, poor sightedness, dumbness, colour blindness, impaired hearing and the rest of them has to specify during the registration process so that the examination board will be aware of their specialty and know how to handle them.


After a successful registration for the examination, students are advised to read the waec examination rules. And also go to download their syllabus for 2023 so as to know the areas where they will set their questions for the year.

The examination is set to last for a month after it was predicted to start on 9th of May, 2023 and ends on the 20th of June, 2023. All hands must be on deck so as to come out in flying colours.

Remember, examination malpractice is corruption, do not indulge in doing so because any one caught doing so will surely be prosecuted. Make sure to register in the right centre because any form of malpractice recorded in the centre will lead to cancellation of all the results of the whole candidates that has registered for the examination in the centre.

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