All Answers To 2022 Questions That Waec Students Asks

Questions that Waec students asks are always numerous and out of their inquisitiveness and curiosity they asks questions that make one know that they have fears and anxiety in that that may sometimes be called “Anxiety”.

This article will surely help you to overcome your fears and also give you new hope and assurance that will make you pass your examination in flying colours.

When will Waec 2022 Examination Commence

The Waec 2022 Examination has been scheduled to commence on the 16th of May, 2022 following the timetable that was released by the examination board earlier last month so as to serve as a guide to the candidates that registered for the examination.

Do I have to pay extra fee in the course of writing the examination?

As far as the candidate has paid for the examination and process of registration has been carried out successfully, there is no need to pay any extra fee again in the course of writing the examination.

What happens if I am absent from my registered subject

When a candidate is marked absent for a registered subject is as good as getting an F9 because there is no one that would write the paper for you except for the candidate.


So all that the supervising officer have to do for that day is to mark the candidate absent.

Can I re-sit for the subject that I was marked absent for?

It is not possible for a candidate to be called back after the paper has been successfully conducted and written by the candidates that is why it was mentioned in the previous answer that it is as getting an F9.

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So the candidate would have to work out hard to make sure that he/she does not miss any registered subject that is why the WAEC 2022/2023 Timetable was released before hand so that every one taking examination would know their place before the time comes.

What happens when I am marked absent but was later marked present

Supervisors mark the attendance sheet at almost the ending of the examination because there will surely be done students that may be coming to the examination centre from distant places so they do consider all those and end up marking the attendance later but when a candidate is not seen even after the end of the examination, the candidate name will be ticked as “ABSENT

Questions That Waec Students Asks

How do I answer Waec questions?

To Answer Waec questions you have to be a serious student who knows what he or she actually wants because if you really wants to able to answer it you have to undergo series of lessons, midnight readings to be able to do that and it doesn’t even assure you that you will have a good grade in all the subjects you will write in the Waec exams because you can’t know all.

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But With examclass everything is made easy likewise if you are a busy type we can help you answer it easily without stress and you will ascertain your parallel A grades in just a sitting. Think about it.

Is Waec easy to pass?

Waec is not easy to pass for those that are playing lackadaisical attitude towards their books and it is easy to pass when you have been committed to your books.

Most students go extra miles to risk their dignity by asking for answers or what is normally called ‘Expo’ which can end up leading to their failure.

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