Neco Registration 2022: How To Make Registration Before The Deadline, Registration Process and Examination Date

Neco Registration 2022 form will soon be out for sale in all Neco accredited schools and some registered centres. Neco Registration 2022 will take place in the normal time and season that it do hold before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Neco Registration Form was put out for sale already at the end of March, 2022. The examination board has insisted that the registration run for two months before they set up a deadline for the registration.

Neco have already started accepting candidates for registration because their main plan was that after the 2022 Waec candidates finishes up with their examination, there will be a two week ultimatum before the commencement of the examination.

In this write-up, a concrete explanation has been laid out regarding students who will like to purchase the 2022 NECO form and would also like to know the price, the NECO registration fee 2022, and the general NECO registration requirements for the 2022 registration.

All these are information that one have to carefully read before making an attempt to make a registration.


By any chance that you are also interested in learning about when the registration 2022 will start (NECO registration starting date) and when the registration will be closing (Neco registration deadline), then read this carefully and follow the steps gradually.

What Does Neco Mean?

NECO is an acronym for National Examination Council which is a body of the Nigerian Education Board that sets a national examination both for private and school candidates.

This examination results are accepted for admission in any Nigerian University when the student get good grades.

It is also an examination that most Nigerian Students who wish to study a particular course in a Nigerian University but has a lower pass mark in some subject in maybe their WAEC or NABTEB but wish to use their NECO result as a supplement or attache for the admission.

Most students in Nigeria have taken NECO examination as a supplement or just to patch up their low grade. Most students will always say this words before their NECO examination Registration, “If I don’t pass WAEC, I will combine it with my NECO and go to the University”

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But “NO” Neco examination is more than what you may think. It is an examination that once a student credits his/her result with a very good grades, there may be no need for combinations.

Is Neco form for 2022 Out?

The answer is “YES”, the portal for the purchase of NECO forms was opened on the 30th of March down till when the deadline date be struck out again and this will be a very nice one this year because the portal started the form sale early which will give room to more candidates registering the examination.

How Much Is Neco Registration Form 2022

The 2022 Neco registration form has been beaten down to a very low cost that is affordable by Nigerian Students.

This was laid out by the Planning committee of the Neco board during their Yearly Summit when they announced that the Neco registration form price will be Eleven Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Naira (#11,350) and this is a very good and ideal price for any student that would wish to make a registration

How To Make Online Registration In The Neco Registration Portal

The registration process has become a lot more easier because of the advancement of technology in the world now so NECO also made an advancement technologically.

To make registration, the candidate would have to log on to the NECO Registration Portal and then follow the following steps to make registration.

  • Visit NECO Registration Portal
  • Check the pop-up form where you’ll see ‘Don’t have an account?’ and click on “Register here”

Now fill in the following information in the registration form:

  • Enter your Full name
  • Fill in your valid phone number
  • Enter your valid email address
  • Choose a password
  • Reenter our password to confirm
  • Click on the ‘REGISTER’ button
  • Login to the email you used and click on the link sent by NECO to proceed.
  • Select a suitable payment option and make payment for the registration
  • Fill out and submit your registration form
  • Locate cafe operator to do an offline biometric verification and validation
  • Finally, print your photocard for the examination

Requirements for NECO Registration 2022

  • 4 Copies of Passport photograph
  • The Candidate’s current address
  • Maiden/Guardian Names of the candidate
  • A functioning email address
  • Local Government Area and State of Origin of the candidate
  • Personal Information of the candidate
  • List of 8 (minimum) or 9 (maximum) subjects of the candidate
  • Compulsory biometric capturing (Finger Print and Facial Capturing)

Offline Easier Method For Neco Registration 2022

This is one of the one that most candidates prefer to do which is walking down to a NECO accredited schools or centre to make a registration for the examination.

Most at times, it cost higher than the Neco Registration 2022 but it has to be done that way because students who come to write examination do cause lot of damages to the school facilities

When is Neco Exam 2022 starting so they most at times use this to make provision for the rehabilitation and restructuring of this damaged facilities.

NECO Registration 2022 Deadline

The deadline for the Neco registration has not been communicated yet to students but the target date should likely be when the Waec candidates round up with their examination,then the NECO board will start to plan their way.

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