JAMB MOCK RESULT CHECKER 2022: Easy Ways Of Checking Jamb Mock Results Using Your Smartphone

The Jamb Mock Result Checker 2022 has been activated earlier today and for all those UTME candidates that filled in for the Jamb mock examination to check their resulting test score from the the just concluded test.

This blog post will be a server as your Jamb Mock Result Checker 2022 and it will be a guide tour to how to access your mock score

Jamb Mock Exam Result Portal

To  check your Jamb Mock Test result, you have to go through the Jamb Mock Portal by clicking here

Then slide in your registered JAMB email in the column option provided for you or you can also input your registration number in the absence of email or if your email was not attached to your Jamb profile during the registration process.

Jamb Mock Result Checker 2022

After all the required columns has been filled, you will have to make a cross check to see if the data presented tallies with your information before clicking on the “SUBMIT” button.


How to check your Jamb mock Test result manually

I don’t think it’s possible to check your Jamb Mock score manually because there is no USSD code provided yet for it but in a case whereby the user does not have an internet connected devices, the candidate can choose to use the cyber cafe to check the mock result.

Is The Mock Result Added To My Jamb Score?

Many inquisitive newbies ask this kind of questions and the answer to it is a capital “NO” because it was stated that it was just a test not the kind of primary school tests that are calculated with the main examination and then a total mark is given.

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The jamb mock is meant for this more inquisitive as you are to know how Jamb Set their Questions and how to switch in the computer system, input their data and other things thereof.

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