Simple But Helpful Jamb General Guidelines For 2022 CBT

The following tips will be helpful and serve as Jamb General Guidelines For 2022 CBT as you plan towards the examination.

  •  Put together all the examination materials you are required to have or present at the examination center. You will need your e-registration slip. Make photocopies of this document and keep them in a safe place.
  • Please get the final print out which shows your actual examination venue, time and seat number. Do this ahead of the day of the exam. Take all the writing materials you may need. This may include pencils or pens.
  •  Please do well to go along with your JAMB eSlip and other documents required for verification at the examination center.

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  •  Do not go to the examination center with documents or items you are not required to have or present. This is to prevent the loss of any of such documents or items.

Arrive at the examination center way ahead of time for the biometrics exercise/accreditation. It is advisable to locate your exam center before the day of the exam to avoid being late.

Answering Multiple-Choice Questions In Jamb

Pay attention to instructions. Before you attempt any question, make sure you have read and understood all the instructions for the examination. Be sure to read through to the end; do not make assumptions. Note that your time starts counting when you click on Start Exam’.

  • You must check the subjects displayed and confirm they are your choices.
  • You must read instructions carefully before attempting any question.
  • Read the questions carefully. Because of time constraints, most candidates rush through the questions without properly reading and understanding them. This could cause you to pick wrong answers.
  • Be sure to read and think through each question properly before picking an answer.
  • This is because there are cases where some questions may be similar to the past questions you have studied or other cases where two options in a question are alike. Avoid making assumptions.
  • If you are not familiar with the use of the mouse, use the keyboard instead to select your answers (A, B, C or D).
  • Click inside (not outside) the small circle/button behind the letter (A, B, C or D) of your selected answer.
  • Pick just one answer. Multiple choice questions require just one answer. Ensure you pick just one answer.
  • Answer the easy questions first and skip the more challenging ones for later.
  • Choose “all of the above”, only when you are sure that all the options listed above that option are correct.
  • Choose “none of the above”, only when you are sure that all the other above listed options are incorrect.
  • Crosscheck your answers. If you still have some time left after you have answered all the questions, do well to crosscheck your answers to be sure that you have not made mistakes.
  • It is important to avoid over-confidence; be careful when doing this. Change a selected answer when you are certain you made a mistake.
  • Check that you have done all that is required before you click the submit button and end the examination.

General Guidelines For 2022 Jamb

Managing Jamb Examination Time 


Time management is key when taking examination. Your output at the end of the day to an event depends on your ability to properly manage your time. Here are some tips that will be helpful in managing Jamb examination time during the UTME.

  • Log in with your registration number as quickly as possible. Do well to confirm the registration number after you have types it to ensure it is accurate.
  • Note that the registration number consist of 8 digits and 2 letters of the alphabet.
  • Know the amount of time allowed for the examination. Be sure to know how much time you have for the entire examination.
  • Divide the time in minutes by the number of questions you have to answer. What you would get would be the average time you have to spend answering each questions.
  • It is one thing to know how much time you have, but it is most important to be conscious of that time.
  • You are advised to attempt the practice test to test yourself on how you will manage your time during the examination.
  • For example, if the duration of the JAMB UTME is 2 hours, within which 180 multiple choice questions are to be answered, to allot time adequately to each question, divide 120 minutes (i.e. 2hrs) by 180. This will give you 40 seconds.
  • Hence, you are expected to spend about 40 seconds (less than a minute) on each question.
  • Power outage or system failure will not result in the loss of selected answers or the extent of work done and the time allowed, so do not panic when there is an outage. You will be guided on what to do by the Jamb officials.

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