Jamb 2023 Reprint: How To Access Jamb Reprint Easier Without Stress 

Jamb 2023 reprint has been made a lot more easier this year since jamb has brought about an easier method of reprinting jamb mock printouts and tat of the main examination.

Jamb Registration 2023 came up with a very different and unique style of registration which has still kept many students in an awe.

The uniqueness of the registration still made some interested candidates not to register for the examination because they were not able to generate their profile code due to issues from their National Identity Number (NIN)and mobile numbers.

  Jamb 2023 Reprint  for Mock Candidates

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board has also made it compulsory that every students that will be taking the mock examination on the scheduled date must take along their Jamb Reprint which indicates their candidates number, location of the examination and some other vital information.

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They were also mandated to take along with them a token of One thousand naira (1000) as Computer Based Test fee.


All these processes were a lot more harder until this year when the registration process was made as simples as it is now. Unlike before when students would have to pass through a lot panicking that they may have made mistakes in their Jamb Reprint and some other vital stuffs.

How To Make Jamb 2023 Reprint Easier.

Jamb 2023 Reprint will only take nothing less than a minute to do which involves some little effort and with the inclusion of the cyber cafe.

Method One
  • Visit The Jamb Facility Website
  • Click On Jamb 2023 Reprint For Mock
  • Input your registered email or registration number and either get your reprint mailed to your personal email
  • Click On Print When It Appear
Method Two
  • Visit The Jamb Caps Portal
  • Insert Your Jamb Registration Number And Then Have your Jamb 2023 Reprint displayed on your screen.
  • Click on “Print” to have it printed.

How to Make Jamb 2023 Reprint  From Your Email

  • After you have gotten your mail from Jamb E-Facility, i.e, the Jamb Reprint you requested for, then the next step is to go ahead and make a printout.
  •  You will have to make a download of the attached document sent by Jamb but if your download was not successful, you can equally save it to your Google Drive and then access it from your Google Drive app where the print out can be made easy.
  •  You can either make a screenshot to have an image copy in case of necessity and then the document can either be connected to a printer for the rest process.

Jamb Registration 2023: Board Warns 2022 UTME Students

Jamb Registration 2022 students were warned against creating another profile code or purchasing another pin for the Jamb Registration 2023. In a post made in the early hours of today.

The Jamb Registration Board made mention of some important issues that could help, affect and improve the jamb 2023 registration but made huge effort in clamoring on their highlighted issue which was the students who wrote the Computer based examination last year and are currently waiting for their admission which has been seriously put on hold by the Academic Staff Union Of Universities {ASUU}.

The ASUU strike made most of the federal university admission and education slow because of their indefinite strike with the Nigeria Federal Government who has been in-debted to them.

ASUU’s strike has become an indefinite one pending till when the Federal Government decides to pay off the bill and the outstanding fee that they owe them. Many of the lecturers and professors of Federal universities have met both the ASUU secretariat and it’s full members and boards have met to this issues but still on the same page just like pouring water on stone.

ASUU have made public announcements through the media like the social media networks, newspapers and has also passed newsletters to Federal Universities all over the country that all university programs should be shut down pending when the Federal Government come to their aid and answers their plea.

This action may discourage many viable students who may be intending to fill in for the Jamb Registration 2023 because of this many students will be discouraged in the way Nigerian education system is being operated and may likely put this country’s future in turmoil because of the incessant suspensions and strikes they do practice almost all the time.

The ASUU strike have hit many students in the Federal Universities and some Nigerian ASUU affiliated universities that has been forced to shutdown all learning institutes due to the fact that the government has owes the teaching staffs of Universities a lot of arrears that has been sumed up to a huge amount which has made them turn a deaf ear about the strike.

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