Is JAMB Expo And Runs Still Possible in the 2022 JAMB exam?

The main query is “Is JAMB Expo And Runs Still Possible in the 2022 JAMB exam?”. Most students make inquiries on how to cut corners and look for a better shortcut to passing the Jamb examination.

The jamb 2022 is well monitored against some malware website hackers who tends to intrude into the Jamb examination portal and get the already pre-set questions all for the sake of making money from their clients that has resolved to cut corners.

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Expo is for lazy students who really think that it is the only shortcut to success but little do they know that it will and can lead to their downfall.

Is JAMB Expo And Runs Still Possible in the 2022 JAMB exam?

As said in the first paragraph of this article, Jamb Expo and Runs are no more possible as it may have been used to be as of other years because the Jamb community has set up a standard on their website in such a way that it is very hard to penetrate into their website and anyone does so is causing more harm and inviting trouble to themselves because Jamb has promised to track the IP address of any person that tries to hack into their Portal for the sake of runs.

 How To Know My Jamb Examination Centre

Most Jamb Students are inquisitive about how to know my examination centre. They have shown much anxiety in knowing their scheduled examination centre since it was not specified on their registration slip for the examination.


This article will surely help you know how to get a printout that states your examination centre and location where the candidate will be referred for the Jamb examination.

This can only be checked in a method called Jamb Reprint. Jamb reprint helps students to know their examination venue, location and seat number and the scheduled date for the examination proper.

The following steps will be of great help to students who have been panicking on their examination centres.

  • Go to JAMB Exam Date, Venue and Time Portal Via JAMB PORTAL
  • Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the Space Provided.
  • Finally, Click on PRINT EXAMINATION SLIP to know your exam date, time, venue and centre.

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