How To Write An Argumentative Essay In WAEC, NECO And GCE Examination

How To Write an Argumentative Essay In Waec, Neco and GCE has become on of the highest search query of most examination candidates with which they wish to know how to write creatively without making mistakes.

Neco and Gce examinations including WAEC candidates often run away from this essay especially. They find it easier to argue verbally than to write it.

That is why this content is here to help our valid users and candidates preparing for the Neco and Gce examinations especially to take a deep look into this course, study it well and digest the contents so as to write a presentable argumentative essay in the course of waec, neco and gce examination.


We should ask ourselves a question before delving into the content of this course proper. What is an argumentative essay? What does it entails.

An arguementative essay is one that requires and allows student to present a subject with a view to persuading the reader or audience to agree with you point of view against your opponent or another.


The essence of this type of essay is arguement and it subject cover all forms of debate. An arguement maybe developed:

  • To prove a point
  • To present a view point
  • To balance the two sides of an issue

For examination purpose, it is important that a student realise that all debates are argumentative


INTRODUCTION: (PARAGRAPH 1) This is where we declare our stand point whether for/or against the motion immediately after vocatives. Vocatives is the greeting/salutation formation that is used in the argumentative essay.

For example, Good day Mr. Chairman, Panel of Judges, Accurate Time Keepers, Ladies and Gentlemen, My Co-debators. I, (Your Name) wants to support/oppose the motion that states ….

PARAGRAPH 2: This has to deal with debunking, disproving, disputing and proving wrong some of the points of your opponents.

NOTE: In every paragraph, after you have mentioned your points in every paragraph and discusssed each of the points, compare the sides you are defending or opposing. It is very important that your point must be convincing to get to your audience (recieving audience and applause) in oral delivery.

Iis good to know that you are presenting it to the audience in this case and will have to adapt oratorial techniques. Examples; abbreviation of some spoken words like ”Isn’t it believable?”

After the conclusion, a thank you will have to be offered to the audience that have granted you a listening ear with all modesty.


CONTENT: Before a debate, onr has to put pen to paper;by carefully learning terms that relates to the point or position of your topic. This term will help you to explain your position concerning the topic given. For example, “Life in the rural area is more rewarding than life in the urban area”. In this topic, the keyword here are life, rural area, rewarding and rural area.

At least, three arguements or points must be developed for or against a preposition to earn good marks

Maintain the stand, your belief and understanding of the topic and your point from the beginning to the end

Draw out your point carefully and present them convincenly to your audience. You should have imagined or given a thought to what your opponent arguements might be and dispute these arguements to earn a good point/mark


Argumentative essay requires the presence of an audience. When writing this in an examination, you must imagine your audience that you are writing your essay to. You are permitted to refer to the audience from time to time in your essay but this should not be overdone. Note that it is compulsory that you start your debates with vocatives and recognise where capital letters are to be used.

In the introductory paragraph, you are expected to state your point of view or position on top of the topic you may be writing on.

In the body of the essay, you are expected to support your views with this following;

  • well organised arguments
  • illustrations that depicts or explains your solid facts well
  • good quotations that are relevant to the point
  • references to people in the pasts to support your points

Note: Do not under develop a point before jumping to another one, each points you raise must be well defined, illustrated and soild examples and refernces must back it up so as to earn more points

In the concluding paragraph, the writer or speaker is supposed to re-affirm the audience his position or point of view or state categorically why your stand for the chosen point is better than that of your opponent.

Remember, good paragraphing is also necessary with linking phrases to back you up.

If candidates for Waec,Neco and Gce will be able to adhere to this write-ups and follow them up well, I am very sure that students would not make much errors in essays and would not hesitste in choosing to write argumentative essays.

WAEC, NECO and GCE is a very simple examination to tackle if candidates adhere strictly to their rule. They do not joke with their syllabus, marking schemes and they take pains in reading each candidates answers before they mark them, so do not think they reward mark from your beautiful handwriting or through favours, only your good write-ups will save you a good mark.

All candidates should take a careful look at WAEC, NECO and GCE syllabus here for clarifications on how they set their questions. waec,neco and gce will never set what is not in nigeria syllabus or import Ghana or Gambia’s syllabus for Nigeria. So there should be no reason for any candidates to fail any of these examinations.

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