BECE 2022: Update, Examination registration and starting date.

Bece 2022 examination will be commencing earlier than expected this year. Unlike the one that was written last year, 2021 and 2020 where the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of disruption to the examination date, updates and schedules that has already been set. But that of this year will be written in the normal way it has been since the examination has began in Nigeria.


Bece examination is well know to be written by Junior school candidates that has completed their three years in the junior school college. The examination is a test of knowledge to the students before they are promoted to the next class.

In different states of the federations, Bece examination is known as Junior Waec. Different states have their own diferent schedules for writing their own Bece examination, unlike the WASSCE examnation that is written generally in all the states of the federation and also in some West African countries luke Gambia, Ghana and some more to mention.

This writing must not exceed the third term of the school calender year. In most states like Ogun state, Lagos state, Kwara state and some eastern states, theirs is always written in the month of May/June and then the students goes on very long vacation that leads them to prepare their entrance into the next class ( Senior Secondary School).

The examination is sometimes set by approved teachers in a given state educational district while some state employ the help of the National Examination Council (NECO) to set examination questions for their states.



Bece 2022 examination differs state by states as it has been well stated in the bece update above. The registration process will be decided by each state’s educational district heads and the prices for the registration process will also be decided among themselves before their final conclusions will be written as newsletters to approved schools and some times information are passed across to the general public through the media like local newspaper, radios and adverts on local television in the states to create awareness to the students that will be taking the examination within the state.

African small student with book in school

In states like Ogun state and Lagos state, the examination registration begins in January with an estimated price by schools hoping that the examination registration price will remain the same. The price for the registration in Ogun state is set to the amount of 18,500 ( eighteen thousand five hundred naira only) other fees may also ensue such as the capturing fee and others


All Bece 2022 candidates must comply to the new rules that has been set nationwide in order to qualify as a student for the examination. The candidates for this year registration must have an NIN (National Identification Number).

This National Identification Number must carry correct details about the registering candidate. The date of birth, names and surname must be correct on the National Identification Number card.

This is require by every students of each states as far as they have reached a certain age 12 year upward), they ust have an NIN slip for identification purpose nation wide.

Secondly, each students for the examination must have full knowledge of the examination they are about to write on by getting for themselves the past question textbooks that is used in the given state in general.

School children in classroom. 

For example, Ogun state has made available for the state a past question titled “GATEWAY” which is used in all schools in Ogun state while Lagos state make use of “AKWA” in all schools of the state in preparation for their Bece examination.

Thirdly, students must make sure that the recommended literatures for the examination both English Language and Yoruba Language has been bought, read and well analyzed because questions will surely roll out from the literature books that has been recommended for each states.


The prayer of every average students is always success. To be successful in all their dealings educationally in order to make their parents proud of them.

There are lot of steps to be taken in order to credit all the subjects in the Bece 2022 examination.

These steps that will be listed below will surely help any candidates that wants to succeed in the examination or even get a credit or distinction in the examination.

  • To know more about the examination, ask other senior students that has passed through that stage before about how the examination looks like, how it is written and best practices to succeed in the examination.
  • Get past questions of the previous years that the examination has been written in order to know how the examination is being set. This practice always helps every students because it will surely help them to get to know how the examination questions are set and also try to attempt the questions to see their ability in answering the question.
  • Students must learn to burn midnight candles, it will be very difficult for lazy students to scale through in this type of examination because it requires being hardworking and steadfast in reading practice before they should be able to face BECE 2022.
  • When the examination is about to commence, students do develop fear and some times fall ill. Examination is just a test of knowledge in all the subjects and areas that the students have recieved tutorship on. So there should be no reason why any student who really knows what he/she is doing to be afraid or develop fever. Much confidence should be built in the course of the examination preparation.
  • Students should also get rid of some items and gadgets that could distract them from concentrating on their studies. These days, students concentrate more on their phones and other distracting plays that make them lose focus of their studies.
  • The candidates can also register in tutorial centres and enrol themselves in extra-mural lessons that will help them in getting broad knowledge of the examination
  • Candidates should also learn to help themselves by focusing on their weak subjects such as Mathematics which seems to be the issue that every students should be facing currently.


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