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Easy Ways to Overcome WhatsApp Web Cant Be Opened or Difficult to Connect

WhatsApp Web cant be opened or maybe it’s difficult to connect? There are several possible causes and easy ways to overcome them that you can try right away.

When messaging at work, the option to open WhatsApp Web is becoming more and more popular among people. WhatsApp Web does make it easier for those who are more comfortable opening messages on a laptop screen than a cellphone, or when the cellphone battery is low.

Then, what causes WhatsApp Web cannot be opened? Check out the following

1. Connection problem

Older versions of WhatsApp Web must be connected to your phone in order to sync the messages you receive. So if your cellphone or smartphone is not connected to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web automatically cannot be used. If this happens, the solution is to:

Open WhatsApp on your cellphone and try to send a message, if there is a problem with your cellphone connection, activate flight mode and then immediately turn it off again. If it doesn’t work, there may be a problem with your computer connection.


2. Computer network problems

WhatsApp Web users depend on the internet network connection on the computer. Therefore, a stable internet connection is also required on the computer device.

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If it says ‘Computer not connected’ and WhatsApp Web cannot be opened , then your computer has a connection problem.

If this is the case, then you should refresh or reload the WhatsApp Web page. You can also log out of the WhatsApp Web session and log back in.

3. Problem with Wi-Fi connection

The cause of WhatsApp Web cannot be opened has a lot to do with the internet network connection. However, for certain Wi-Fi, WhatsApp Web is indeed blocked or restricted.

If WhatsApp Web tells you that you are on a network that prevents WhatsApp Web from working normally, try requesting traffic access to, *, and *

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