Does LASU Accept Second Choice Students? – What Choice Of Students Does LASU Accepts

Does LASU Accept Second Choice Students?Does LASU Accept Second Choice Students

There is no doubt that one of the questions many LASU aspirants are asking right now is: “Does LASU Accept Second Choice Students? It is really a significant question that should be asked by any prestigious Lagos State University (LASU) aspirants

The explanation is that, if you end up applying for admission to a school that does not admit candidates who chose them as second choice in Nigeria, you are already jeopardizing your chances of getting admission to that school

Let us assume that most Nigerian institutions do not consider candidates of second choice. That’s precisely why you should do inquiries before deciding to study at any Nigerian institution

In this post, I will reveal to you whether or not LASU accepts Second Choice Students. I encourage you to carefully read this short post and also make sure you share this article with other LASU aspirants because this year you could save somebody from making a major mistake


Brief History Of LASU

The Lagos State University (LASU), located at Ojo, was established in 1983 as a Public University by Lagos State’s enabling law. Established with the vision of advancing learning and academic excellence, the university has relentlessly pursued its mission of becoming a learning citadel, a community with a trademark of excellence in teaching, research and education


Will LASU Offer Admission To Second Choice Student?

The answer is No!!! Lagos State University (LASU) does not give candidates admission which makes them a second choice in JAMB.

That has been made clear many times by the university. When LASU post UTME exam was announced last year, the university confirmed that her admission is only available to those who make the university an institution’s first choice.

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Conversely, if you’re a prestigious LASU aspirant, and the university is just your second preference, then you’re wasting time. The University’s management has said admission is only open to candidates who made the institution their first choice

Notwithstanding, if you really want to change LASU from your second option to your first option, there is actually a solution. The solution is to apply for JAMB change of Bio-data (course and institution form).

Using this form, you can choose to make LASU your first choice of institution or fully substitute the university with another university that accepts candidates of second choice

LASU is the vision of millions of students in Nigeria as a well-known state university in Nigeria. On this basis, it can be concluded that the reason LASU does not admit candidates making them a second choice is simply to reduce the number of candidates applying for university admission per year

Well, if you’ve already made Lagos State University (LASU) your second choice of institution, there’s a solution for you. Request for JAMB change of course and institution form quickly now. The price isn’t more than Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira only (N3,500 Naira only)

This will enable you to either make LASU your first choice of institution or fully replace it with another institution

Note:- that this form usually has a time-limit. Therefore, you need to buy it as soon as possible

This is all I have to say on “Does LASU Accept Second Choice Students?”

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